From The Garden :: Southern Magnolia

photography by Cory Ryan

A few years ago we had to make a pretty big decision on what to do with some huge dying Willow trees.  These trees were very special to our business because they lined the pathway to the Gazebo that hosted hundreds of weddings and hopefully hundreds more to come.  We knew the day was coming that we would have to have them removed and replaced with something just as spectacular as the Willow trees had been for us. The Willows had a personality and romance that really spoke to the brides.  On the same hand, if you got a huge wind, they would slap you in the face and make a big mess in the spring with broken Willow limps, so we really had a love hate relationship with those trees.

The day had come to cut those suckers down. A few tears were shed as well as a little panic, but it had to be done.  We decided to replace with a beautiful Pergola over the pathway to the Gazebo and plant mature Southern Magnolias.  They were already 18-20 ft tall and just gorgeous.  We couldn’t be move happier with these amazingly romantic trees that frame the perfect walkway and outdoor space to the ceremony site of The Plantation House.

Southern Magnolias can grow to be 40 ft tall in Central Texas and up to 60 ft. tall in East Texas.  They can also grow to be 30-40 ft in width.  We also love the fact that they are evergreen.  They love the heat as well as water, but need a lot of drainage.  Last year here in Austin, we had a record breaking heat and drought, but they did incredibly amazing. The huge blooms of creamy goodness can get between 6″-12″ in diameter….   now that is a BIG flower!  They are so fragrant as well! Magnolias will bloom from Spring to late Summer.  They do like a shot of iron about once a month and love acidic soil.   The leaves do drop when they go through their new growth in the Spring, but that is when you can get creative and use those waxy thick leaves in floral wreaths or garland!  Love it!

Take a look these beauties!

This guy was working so hard….hence “busy as a bee”:)


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