God’s Beauty : 60 Years And Many More

I know you all must think I’m obsessed with anniversaries..well I am! Especially when this beautiful couple of 60 years are my awesome parents! Yes, today my parents will celebrate 60 years of commitment, 60 years of love, 60 years of forming a family(4 children=47 total… This is with spouses, grandchildren and spouses and great-grandchildren and two on the way:) 60 years of telling each other every single day “I Love You” and 60 years of living an amazing example of marriage! They will tell you that being married to each other has been the easiest part of their lives!
I know just few of their secrets….
*God has been their center and foundation
*True LOVE( 1 Corinthian 13)
*Commitment to one another…always!
*respect for each other
It sounds so easy, doesn’t ? All I know is that the greatest gift that these two amazing parents could give me was their love for each other!
Thank you so much Momma and Dad!!
Happy Anniversary!!!

April 5, 1953



3 thoughts on “God’s Beauty : 60 Years And Many More

  1. So precious Luanna….thanks for sending this to me. I am very thankful for your parents’ marriage and their kids. The world is a much better place because of all of you!!! I love you!!

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