God’s Beauty : 30 Years and Counting!!!!

Today is a very special day for me…..it is my 30th Anniversary!  I have been married to the most amazing man…Norris Cole! The past 30 years have been filled with so many blessing and continue to over fill my life with joy, excitement and fun!  To think that at the young age of 20 and 19, that we could even start to imagine what our lives journey as husband and wife would be, is beyond words!  We have been blessed with four AMAZING children, Joanna, Cameron, Tucker and Anna Beth and the most WONDERFUL son-in-law, Tanner King, that we consider our own!  Work that has allowed us to meet so many incredible people and friend and family that are the BEST!   All I know is that I would say “I DO” over and over again with this perfect man for me!!!!!

Back in March, we were approaching our number 700th wedding here at The Plantation House.  My daughter, Joanna, had a wonderful idea that was impromptu….why not renew “Our Vows” and be the 700th!  Well that is exactly what we did! I got to say “I DO” all over again!  It was the sweetest wedding ever!

Here are a few pictures of that day!

Getting ready for the big moment! Made a bouquet from left over flowers from the wedding the night before:)

My oldest daughter was my “Matron of Honor”:)

Norris getting ready! We didn’t see each other before:) So exciting, just like the first time:)

Tanner performed the ceremony!

Our talented and amazing “one guest” Millie Skidmore….she was our photographer and videographer:) Thank you Millie!!!!

Here we go……

Norris’ vows…”You complete me”:)

This was the sweetest and the most fun wedding and reception ever! I can’t wait to say “I DO” again to this amazing man on my 50th:)


4 thoughts on “God’s Beauty : 30 Years and Counting!!!!

  1. Hi! I met you last week at the Plantation House. I just wanted to share with you that I also am going to be married to my wonderful husband of 30 years this month. We both started out at 19 and 20 too. What a wonderful blessing and a sweet, sweet thing to do – renewing your vows! How fun and at such a great venue!! I bet you looked just as beautiful then as you do now. tina@starlightfireworks.com

    • Aw…Tina thanks for the sweet words and congratulations to you and your husband!I love anniversaries, because I’m so grateful that God has granted one more year with each other! Renewing our vows was one of the funniest things we have done! Absolutely no planning…just dressed up a little and went for it:) You and your husband should do it sometime!

  2. This is so precious Luly! Thank you for sending it!! So thankful for the day you and Norris were married! So refreshing to see two people have so much fun together for so many years…and will continue NO DOUBT!!! I will always cherish my part in your tenewing of vows! Hugs!!!

    Millie Skidmore

    • Thank you Mil! You know that we would not have had these priceless photos or video if you hadn’t have been willing to give up your time on such a busy day that you were having! We are forever grateful! So happy you were our distinguished guest:))))))…..Oh, and we have an awesome example of marriage right in front of us with you and Gary!!! Hugs right back!

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