God’s Beauty : 60 Years And Many More

I know you all must think I’m obsessed with anniversaries..well I am! Especially when this beautiful couple of 60 years are my awesome parents! Yes, today my parents will celebrate 60 years of commitment, 60 years of love, 60 years of forming a family(4 children=47 total… This is with spouses, grandchildren and spouses and great-grandchildren … Continue reading

God’s Beauty : 30 Years and Counting!!!!

Today is a very special day for me…..it is my 30th Anniversary!  I have been married to the most amazing man…Norris Cole! The past 30 years have been filled with so many blessing and continue to over fill my life with joy, excitement and fun!  To think that at the young age of 20 and … Continue reading

From The Garden  :: Southern Magnolia

From The Garden :: Southern Magnolia

A few years ago we had to make a pretty big decision on what to do with some huge dying Willow trees.  These trees were very special to our business because they lined the pathway to the Gazebo that hosted hundreds of weddings and hopefully hundreds more to come.  We knew the day was coming … Continue reading

Southern Simplicity :: Cherry Pie….Pleaseee

The way to a man’s heart or anybody’s really, is great FOOD!  At the Cole house, we DO like our Southern cookin’!  I grew up in a very small town called Tulia, which is located  in the Northern part of Texas.  When I moved to Austin, people thought I was from the sticks of Tennessee … Continue reading

God’s Beauty :: Tent Rock

While we are on the subject about God’s amazing beauty, let me tell you about some fascinating and incredible structures that we had the pleasure of seeing up close and personal! This past February, my husband and I decided to take an adventure to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  This was not only something we had … Continue reading

From The Garden :: English Garden Roses

This Spring has been totally gorgeous here in Austin, TX!  There is nothing better than God’s sweet rain to make everything pop!  The last two years have been tough with drought and the worst drought on record just happen 2011. I’m so happy to see that things that I didn’t even know if they were … Continue reading