God’s Beauty and The Flower Shop :: Anna Beth and Jeric’s NYE Wedding

I know I know…January has came and gone and 2013 is so over with! Well now that the dust has settled and my brain is getting back to normal:) I just had to share!
2013 was a wonderful year for my family! In Oct. we had our first grand baby girl…Harper Cameron King(that’s another post…too precious not to share with the world:)

Oh my brain just froze up again…it does that from time to time when I stop and think about Harper:)

2013..August 31st..my very own beautiful YOUNGEST daughter…Anna Beth..got engaged to..Jeric Netz…the most precious man! As a momma, you pray that God will bless your child with the perfect person for them…and God delivered!   Our whole family was ecstatic:)

Anna Beth and Jeric didn’t want a long engagement! They also wanted to get married at the house she grew up in …Plantation House. We knew this would be a challenge since Plantation House was booked heavily until the end of year. But challenge met….NEW YEAR’S EVE it was! Besides Anna Beth just LOVES…sparkles..glitter..gold. Hollywood glam and…..winter:) Everything was falling into place perfectly and we found the BEST vendors too… My little baby was having her dream wedding to HER perfect man!

Anna Beth and Jeric didn’t want a wedding party because they both have so many close friends, so without upsetting anyone…they had more of a European wedding..:) I have to say it was the best! They did want to include their siblings… Tanner, my son-in-law, performed the most heartfelt and personal ceremony; Joanna, my daughter, carried baby Harper(flower girl/sign carrier:) and also sang the most beautiful song during communion; Tucker, my son, escorted family in;  Jori, Jeric’s sister gave a great toast as well as Joanna and Tucker. It was such a magical night!  Weather was perfect and crisp for Dec. 31st…. the fireplaces were blazing, tents toasty, lighting shimmered, flowers in ivories and blush pinks with golden candelabras and vases, chandeliers, hearty family style Italian dinner, s’mores bar,  hot apple cider, hot chocolate and signature merriment kept guests warm….but did I mention the dancing, dancing, dancing! The night ended with party hats, champagne and sparklers right on the stroke of MIDNIGHT!

I couldn’t think of a better way of ENDING 2013 with the WEDDING of Anna Beth and Jeric, but also BEGINNING 2014 with the MARRIAGE of Anna Beth and Jeric! Every Anniversary the world will celebrate with them:)
I hope you enjoy the link below from our wonderful photographer Svetlana Photography


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