God’s Beauty :: Tent Rock

While we are on the subject about God’s amazing beauty, let me tell you about some fascinating and incredible structures that we had the pleasure of seeing up close and personal! This past February, my husband and I decided to take an adventure to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  This was not only something we had never done before(oh, we have visited Santa Fe a few times in the past, but never for this long) for a time of reflection and just where we were headed in life’s journey.  So we packed up the car and on our way we went.  We were gone for a whole month.  During that month, we did some amazing things!  Santa Fe is known for its food, art and diverse culture. We experienced it all and loved every minute of it!  While there, we decided to do some hiking and tried to keep as active as possible……did I mention…… their food is AMAZING?)  While shopping at Lucchese,(one of my husband’s favorite boot shops) one of their sales staff  recommended Tent Rock for a hike.  We got our gear and rears in order and headed about 45 minutes away from Santa Fe.  All I can say is God has an amazing EYE and an array of incredible ROCKS of ART!  If you are ever in Santa Fe and want to hike a really amazing trail….Go to TENT ROCK!  You won’t be disappointed! ENJOY!

I can’t wait to go again….PRETTY PLEASE with SUGAR on TOP!!!!!!!!!


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