God’s Beauty :: The Magical Mulberry Tree

When we moved into our house 18 years ago, we never really thought we would have a business called The Plantation House or anything for that matter but the place that our kids would call home. The house sits on 5 acres and really was just a house and big open fields. There was very little landscape if you could even call it landscape:) We had a whole lot of weeds that were green and some peach trees and willow trees and this really wonderful plum-tree. I was very domestic back in those days and I would preserve the fruits that came off the trees! My family loved the peaches on toast and the plum jam that I would make. When we started the business, we had to do some extensive and quite expensive landscaping to bring it up par so brides would be smitten by the beauty. When this landscaping started there were a few things that I wanted to keep and one of those things was that beautiful plum-tree! Our Gazebo was strategically staged so that the plum-tree could be a back drop! It has been in many hundreds of wedding shots! Through the years, it started to have its limbs trimmed back and then 2 years ago, it just died! I was so sad and decided that I better start planting some trees in its place. Well….needless to say, I didn’t have to plant anything at all…..God did! He planted a mulberry tree. I call it the Magical Mulberry! Mulberry trees can live to be 75-year-old trees and can grow to be 50-ft tall! They also produce the most heavenly tasting black berries! So here are a few photos of a tree that is only about 2 years old and look how beautiful! I guess God knew that I would appreciate this tree just as much as I did that plum!


The saddest day….the death of the Plum Tree:(


The sweet miracle…..The Magical Mulberry(miracle)



Now all I need to do is go and start pickin’ ….maybe a post with recipe to follow…yum!


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