Changing Of The Guards

This year has been full of wonders and changes for my husband and me!  For the last 15 years, we have owned and operated a wedding venue called The Plantation House in Austin, TX.  But as of January 1st, my oldest daughter, Joanna King and husband, Tanner King have purchased this amazing and rewarding venture.  We couldn’t be happier for them and so excited that they are 2nd generation owners!

As this change was unfolding…..I had to take a step back to evaluate my purpose in life.  What was I good at?  Where were my strengths? What was my passion? What made me happiest?…and most of all where could I be of help to Joanna and Tanner.  My son, Tucker has always said that I would be like Brett Favre, and could never retire from this business.  I was beginning to think the same, but then I realized that when my husband and I started this business, I was more like a sister to my brides and grooms.  Now I am more like a mother…..and if I ever become a grandmother to them…then I better hang it up….please:)  But I truly believe that I still have some wonderful things to give to this business…so here I am….with Luanna Clara Design.

Tanner and Joanna King ;  Norris and Luanna Cole


4 thoughts on “Changing Of The Guards

  1. How cool. I’m in a change now too with employment. Lookin to find that passion but scary to move on or change after all these years

    • Becky…. that is awesome! Change is always scary to me too, but just jump in holding your breath for only a minute and then just breathe naturally:))) Best of Luck and let me know how its going! So great to hear from you!!

  2. I enjoyed reading your posts so much! I am so excited for your new journey… and for your daughter’s! I’m so please I got the pleasure to be one of “your brides.” I can’t wait to follow the rest of your posts. I am trying to develop a green thumb myself now that Sam and I purchased our home. I can’t wait to be inspired by you!

  3. Allison…thank you for taking the time to view! We are and will always be, so honored to have been able to share in Sam and yours amazing wedding and reception! Such a precious couple:) I know you will also be wonderful in your gardens! I have found it takes allot of patience and a whole lot of God’s priceless rain:) Send me pics when you start to see your rewards of your labor!!!! Thanks for following!!

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